He Owed Me.


Yes, he owed me big for this one. Words would not suffice this time, only actions. We’ve been married for almost 12 years so I know what would be pure torture for him, the most odious task on the planet. I made him do this horror breakfast, lunch and dinner that day. What task could I have my husband successfully do for the first time in our lives that felt so wonderful to me?

Seriously, he has never successfully cooked a meal for me, ever!

Until yesterday :)
It was just a cup of tea and frozen pizza and I had to show him how to use the oven, a Japanese Denshi Range, but he did it!

Normally I do all the cooking and baking from scratch, while less expensive, can be time consuming and soul-zapping as it isn’t my fav activity. His cooking yesterday freed up my time and thoughts to work on my upcoming group show at Hagiso Gallery in Tokyo. I got an amazing amount of work done! Each panel is planned out already with a few more crocheted flower motifs and a LOT more crocheted snowflakes, the show will be a beautiful!

I know it will be a long time coming before my husband will need to pay a heavy price to please me so I am grateful for the chance to simply work as long as the inspiration is there vs only the time between meals.

Now I wonder what I should make for dinner after I bake this loaf of Blueberry Banana Bread?

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