Q. What is the #Adobe365challenge?

A. This is simply part of personal Lifelong Learning goals and part necessity to bring my creative ideas to fruition. I’ve chosen to learn the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and am documenting my progress, both successes and failures via my Twitter: StudioDeanna w/ #Adobe365challenge

Q. How may I participate in the #Adobe365challenge?

A. Start your 365 days (1 year) of learning the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps when it fits in your schedule, you may choose any start date.

Choose a simple way to document your progress & results for each day, Vlog, Blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Simply use #adobe365challenge for each lesson learned and lets see how much we accomplish!

Yes, I am one of those who makes New Year’s Resolutions :) Usually I complete about 7/10 goals w/good progress on an additional two more…there’s always one that just ends up not being a good idea. During my Artist Residency with Ark of the Unicorns in Honolulu, Hi I realized that I wanted a more focused learning goal to bring my creative ideas to fruition and I also have other reasons, too;


1. Learning shouldn’t end when one graduates, there are so many interesting things to learn about the world. This is just one more way to see the world.

2. Stay Connected with other creatives; both current friends and connect with new ones.

3. Curious how the Adobe CC tools can be used to move my artwork forward & make my artwork better.

4. Curious how I can utilized the Adobe CC to communicate the message in my work better to others who need to hear it.

Currently I’m utilizing Lynda.com and Adobe’s mini tutorials, along with trial and error to achieve my goals.

Would you like to join me and see just how far we can go during this yearlong challenge with the #adobe365challenge?

Follow my progress on Twitter: StudioDeanna

More Art Adventures can be found on Instagram: StudioDeanna


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