Contact Hawaii Coloring Book for Keiki

For the upcoming family events, Contact Hawaii has had an artist create pages for a coloring book inspired by the artwork in the show. A great way to engage the little ones in a fun way. It turns out that one of the artists I recently met was tagged with the project and we got a sneak peek at the pages:

There are at least 8 different artists’ work represented on this specific page including “Invasives!”

I love that the artist, Stor, chose to draw in the foreign crochet stitches on my Philodendron leaves as a more familiar to him, traditional fishnet style! I have had the thought to translate colored wire into these handmade fishnet designs. Maybe it’s a sign?


Other artists included on the same page are: Paradise Cove, ‘Imaikalani Kanahele, and Cory Taum. As I connect the artist with the work I see, I’ll add them to this list.

Family event for keiki (children): CONTACT Keiki Workshop with Art Explorium
Saturday, April 2 • 10:30-11:30am
Join us for a keiki workshop exploring the themes of the exhibition with artist and illustrator Ricardo Avila, in partnership with Art Explorium.

Michelle and I hope you will bring your family to this event :)




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