Working Towards the Young Artists’ Books Fair

Artist in Action! Check out the art books my friend Arthur Huang has been industriously putting together for the Young Artist’s Book Fair.

To see his work in person be sure to stop by:ヤングアーティストブックフェアー2015-dm/

Arthur J Huang

I have spent the better part of the weekend working on the four editions for the Young Artists’ Books Fair starting on Friday this week.  “The Longest Road From Work” is bound and just needs to be packaged for the exhibition.

I used my drill that I bought for the Setouchi Triennale to make 1.5 mm holes in the acrylic sheets.  I then bought the pages for the book and used the drills to make the holes through the sheets of acetate.

写真 1

I used monofilament and bound the three volumes and here are the results.

写真 5

Next it was off to prepare “The Long Road To The Supermarket” for perfect binding.  I stacked “The Long Road To The Supermarket” and “Interstices and Bicycles” between some large hardcover books.

写真 4写真 3

I will apply the PVA tomorrow morning before work and then figure out which color to use for the spine cover sometime before…

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