Lots Done but Nothing Finished

Interesting how hours and hours of progress can be made on several designs yet no finished product to show for it!


The stem design for the Walking Stick Palm,


Wire gauge testing Walking Stick Palm leaf designs: 26gge using a 4/0 hook, 26 gge using a 6/0 hook, 24gge using a 7/0 hook. Each change creates slightly different drape, a slightly different size for each leaf.


Recording each iteration,


After enough green, green, green rainforest designing for the week, I chose the Calabao flower next. The Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly larvae choose this small shrub and vine as a favorite in which to snack.


This lonely Round Loom has been rattling around with my skeins of yarn so I had the idea of creating more tree limbs with its shape. It seems to take quite forever to make much progress and more wire to create the same distance if it was crocheted. I’ll definitely finish this experiment to be sure when I take it off the loom but it’s not looking like a time or cost effective way for me to complete a rainforest tree.


This poor chrysalis has been steadfastly clinging to the bright south side of a neighbors fence for over 6 months. After baking in the sun and being shaken by typhoons the caterpillar inside must not have survived. I’ve rescued him as reference material for my installation project.


On Friday, my rainforest floor arrived! A big box with a couple yards of rug hooking material and several skeins of super fun, chunky and boucle yarns. So much done but so much more to go before the project is completed.

Still keeping track of the time via HoursTracker: I have put in over 200 hours of work into the project so far. Much of the Research & Development completed in this posting was placed under construction hours instead of R& D. The point is the hours have been recorded and continue to be tallied.

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