Win a Work of Art from Studio Deanna!

Can you help me create a wonderful name for my new art installation?

This current work in progress is a fiber and metals, hand-crocheted Tropical Butterfly Garden that will be completed in March/April 2015 on site in Australia.  The installation is meant to be a quiet gathering space for small groups of all ages, for a stitch group to chat, and for children to touch the butterflies.

This piece needs a better name, Tropical Butterfly Garden feels too generic. I’ve been calling it a garden but it really isn’t. It will be a rainforest of wire & fibre hand-cocheted butterflies in each of their life cycle stages. To re-create the gorgeous colors found in the butterflies, flowers and plants of the rainforest, much of the fibre has been special ordered from an independent yarn dyer in Australia.

Wire Crocheted Ulysses Butterfly  This is the name brainstorming list I have so far, none of them really wow me as yet, but maybe it will kickstart an idea for you:

– Fiber Flutterbys
– Butterfly Dreamscape
– Chaos Theory – Calm from Chaos
– The idea of playing on chaos theory to describe a calm butterfly place.
– Butterfly Rainforest
– Butterfly Stitchery

I’m looking for a rockin’ name that peaks one’s curiosity to learn more about this piece. An name that will be easy to document via Instagram, Twitter and through this blog. In other words, a name with more energy than just #butterfly

The small print:

1. In exchange for providing the creative name for my project I offer one of my colored copper wire and fibre hand-crocheted flowers as a gift. It’s widest dimension is 18cm (approx 7″)

Flower Prize 2This prize is a completed project that will be sent as a gift by the most financially reasonable means possible.

2. If the same name is entered by more than more than one person, the first entry to arrive according to the website’s time/date will be the entry included in the contest.

3. I may choose none as the title for my project, but will choose the entry that inspires me to create my own title or the one I feel was the closest unique possibility.

4. My choice is wholly subjective. Multiple entries are welcome :)

5. I will be accepting entries through Midnight Pacific Time, Monday, October 20 via the following accounts:

Instagram – Studio Deanna

Twitter – Studio Deanna

Comment Section at the bottom of this  artist’s blog post

Or through email: studiodeanna (at) me (dot) com

Thank you so much in advance for everyone’s creative name suggestions for my Tropical Butterfly project.

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  1. Hi , I found you through blogging 201, wow what a gorgeous looking place you have here. I’m following you with Bloglovin and looking forward to reading more from you

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