Wire Crocheted Leaf Designs

Completed several leaf designs for the Butterfly Flight Prep art installation! A few experiments with wire gauge sizes, research on the look and size of the Ulysses Butterfly eggs and I’ve made heaps of progress. The addition of white glass beads amongst the wire crochet work really work as the butterfly eggs in the leaves.

StudioDeanna Leaves Approx 120mm x 45mm sized leaves using 24 gauge colored copper wire and 100% Linen yarn.

Each design is then written down lest I forget! StudioDeanna Leaf Pattern

StudioDeanna Lg Heart-shaped leaf Another design but using 26 gauged wire.

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Art on the Move – As Fast as a Speeding Bullet!

Artist Michelle Zacharias boarded the Bullet Train (Shinkansen) on her way to Kyoto with hoji-cha, chocolate-covered almonds, and 2 pieces of art for two different group shows!



There’s great art to see in Kyoto!

The International Exhibition of Art: Kyoto Art Show from Oct 28 – Nov 2

and at the

Gallery Kei-Fu 

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Rainforest Butterflies: Flight Prep

The wire crocheted butterfly art installation project now has a name!

– Butterfly Flight Prep –

A big thank you to Lori of The Spendy Pencil for her great idea, it really encompasses the concept I have to include all stages of the butterfly’s life cycle within the piece.

I did receive a wonderful surprise in another entry from Stacey:

– Petal to the Metal –

This title works so perfectly for my individual wire crocheted flower pieces I created another small hand crocheted wire flower prize for her.

PetaltotheMetal Prize

Thank you so very much, Ladies!!

Win a Work of Art from Studio Deanna!

Can you help me create a wonderful name for my new art installation?

This current work in progress is a fiber and metals, hand-crocheted Tropical Butterfly Garden that will be completed in March/April 2015 on site in Australia.  The installation is meant to be a quiet gathering space for small groups of all ages, for a stitch group to chat, and for children to touch the butterflies.

This piece needs a better name, Tropical Butterfly Garden feels too generic. I’ve been calling it a garden but it really isn’t. It will be a rainforest of wire & fibre hand-cocheted butterflies in each of their life cycle stages. To re-create the gorgeous colors found in the butterflies, flowers and plants of the rainforest, much of the fibre has been special ordered from an independent yarn dyer in Australia.

Wire Crocheted Ulysses Butterfly  This is the name brainstorming list I have so far, none of them really wow me as yet, but maybe it will kickstart an idea for you:

– Fiber Flutterbys
– Butterfly Dreamscape
– Chaos Theory – Calm from Chaos
– The idea of playing on chaos theory to describe a calm butterfly place.
– Butterfly Rainforest
– Butterfly Stitchery

I’m looking for a rockin’ name that peaks one’s curiosity to learn more about this piece. An name that will be easy to document via Instagram, Twitter and through this blog. In other words, a name with more energy than just #butterfly

The small print:

1. In exchange for providing the creative name for my project I offer one of my colored copper wire and fibre hand-crocheted flowers as a gift. It’s widest dimension is 18cm (approx 7″)

Flower Prize 2This prize is a completed project that will be sent as a gift by the most financially reasonable means possible.

2. If the same name is entered by more than more than one person, the first entry to arrive according to the website’s time/date will be the entry included in the contest.

3. I may choose none as the title for my project, but will choose the entry that inspires me to create my own title or the one I feel was the closest unique possibility.

4. My choice is wholly subjective. Multiple entries are welcome :)

5. I will be accepting entries through Midnight Pacific Time, Monday, October 20 via the following accounts:

Instagram – Studio Deanna

Twitter – Studio Deanna

Comment Section at the bottom of this  artist’s blog post

Or through email: studiodeanna (at) me (dot) com

Thank you so much in advance for everyone’s creative name suggestions for my Tropical Butterfly project.

The Upcoming Week in my Tatami Room Studio

1. Name Game Contest: Today will be spent completing the winning prize!

Do you know what should I name my Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation? Be sure you are following my blog, Instagram or Twitter to catch the launch and upcoming details.

2. I’ve compiled a list of the flora, fauna and butterflies I’m including in the design of my butterfly rainforest installation. 27 species in all!

Daintree Tropical Rainforest Birdnest FernUnlike in the deciduous forest area I grew up, rainforest is very, very dense and while 27 species may seem like a lot, it really barely scratches the surface of all there is to discover.

Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion) aka Cooktown or Northern Birdwing
Spur Mahogany (Dysoxylum pettigrewianum)
Birdnest Fern Epiphyte (Asplenium nidus)
Strangler Fig Epiphyte (Ficus aurea)
King Fern (Ptisana salicina)
Birthwort, Indian Birthwort (Aristolochia acuminata)
Birthwort (Aristolochia indica)
Cairns Birdwing Plant (Pararistolochia australopithecurus)
Native Dutchman’s Pipe (Pararistolochia deltantha)
Ulysses Butterfly (Papilio Ulysses)
Pink Flowered Euodia, (Melicope Elleryana)
Northern Elkhorn Fern Epiphyte (Platycerium hillii)
Native Pepper (Piper caninum)
Needleberry (Raphidophora australasica)
Green Spotted Triangle Butterfly (Graphium Agamemnon)
Orange Annona (Fitzlania heteropetala)
(meiogyne  verrucosa)
(meiogyne hirsuta)
Calaboa (Uvaria concava)
China Pine (Polyalthia Michaelii)
Walking Stick Palm (Linospadix minor)
Lurcher Butterfly (Yoma Sabina)
Spearpod, Minnieroot (Ruella Tuberosa)
Desert Petunia (Diptercanthus australacicus)
Fan Palms (Licuala ramsayi)

Misc. Lichens and Mosses
Misc. Vines
Possibly some fauna

This week I jump into designing these species and their construction!

3. Still keeping track of my time and how it is being spent: HoursTracker total for this week: 12 hours 45 minutes.

Research & Development: 5 hours 55 min

Marketing: 1 hour 30 minutes

Construction: 5 hours 20 minutes

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Studio Progress Report – Oct 10

It’s been a busy week in my studio. Quite a few hours continuing my lepidoptera and biology research. A few hours sketching, a few hours of construction, a few hours re-organizing the studio all add up to a lot of hours!

Zebra Wire Order

 My order of Zebra Wire, colored copper wire arrived – Half of a rainforest in a box!

A design sketch has slowly been coming together as I gather information on the butterflies. It’s a sketch that only a mother could love and I can read. Thankfully it’s more about placement and arrangement than the final look. It’s supposed to be a view from the top but considering my poor drawing skills this is about it. A fat stream gurgling through the middle won’t really be that wide.

Butterfly Garden Overhead Sketch

I did a sad sketch with colored pencil of the Spur Mahogany with it’s planned epiphytes, but it’s another one that simply demonstrates my inability to draw 2D work from the 3D visions I have floating in my head.

The yarn dyer in Australia to which I have placed a special order has begun working and sending updates! I’m so excited to see the steps she is taking to help bring my project to life. I am hoping to post them in the near future.

This Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation project really needs a good name. It isn’t really a garden so much anymore but has grown into a lovely rainforest environment.

HoursTracker – Still checking in using this app to find out how long it is taking to create this butterfly installation. There are a lot of little minutes in various areas such as when my colored copper wire order arrived. It only took about 10 minutes to check that each item I ordered has arrived in good condition but each of these little 10 minute items will add up to a lot of hours over the several months.

Hours of Research & Development: 20 hours of testing butterfly designs, researching lepidoptera and their favorite rainforest plants, ordering & checking in of supplies

Hours of Marketing: 1 hour 30 minutes

Hours of Construction: 3 hours 10 minutes making a lot of little Euodia flowers

For the week of Sept 29 – Oct 5: 24 hours 40 mins

A lot of work done, a lot of work to go…

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SPUN Fiber Exhibition – Opening Night is October 17

One of my wire & fiber crochet pieces was accepted into the SPUN Fiber Exhibit in New York! It’s great to be included with these other amazing artists!

After seeing the creative names they have given their pieces I clearly need to up my name game.  “Flower” is just so “meh” when compared to ‘Colors of a Soba Shop‘ or ‘Emergence‘.

Flower SPUN Fiber Exhibition

Opening night is October 17 at Etui Fiber Arts!

Check out the other artists work. They are an amazing, varied group!

The artists selected by juror Bartholomew Bland for SPUN 2014 are:

Natalya Aikens            Iron Spine

Francie Bergquist         Truffle

Benedicte Caneill         Walking off the Grid

Donna Chambers            My Peacock

Linda Colsh               Grand Place Descent

Eileen Doughty            Dragonfly Pond

Eileen Doughty            Kasha-Katuwe Hoodoos

Jeanne Flanagan           Purple Passion

Deanna Gabiga             Flower

Jamie Horikawa            Colors of a Soba Shop

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan       Knotweed: Not Safe

Cecelia Leiseroff         They Came from Outer Space

Susan Lenz                Ancestors

Susan Lenz                A Difficult Decision

Betty Maguire Hayzlett    Emergence

Betty Maguire Hayzlett    Desert Grasses

Heather Pregger           Tuning Fork #19

Norma Schlager            Fractured II

Barbara Sferra            Red Squares

Gerri Spilka              Helix Sketch #1

Janice Stevens            After the Storm

Victoria Swann            Eye Candy

Ruth White                Bend It Wright2

Beth Yazhari              World Quilt – Panel #1

Beth Yazhair              Victoria Sensibility

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