Not just for Spinners – Tokyo Spinning Party!

Friends and I visited the Tokyo Spinning Party on Monday. A show full of fleeces, silks, spindles, batts, workshops, and lots of other colorful yarn-y goodness.

Tokyo Spinning Party1

Tokyo Spinning Party 2

 White Romany, approx US$10.00 for 3oz.

Tokyo Spinning Party Felting

5 Ladies in a Felting Class

Is spinning popular in Japan? Happy Spinning’s booth full of batts was cleaned out! Completely! Yes, spinning is popular in Japan.

Tokyo Spinning Party Silk

Lots of Silk!

& weaving

Tokyo Spinning Party Loom

Tokyo Spinning Party - Boya Farm

Looking for more adventure? Check out Boya Sheep Farm in Hokkaido, complete with Sheepdog Shows at the farm.

I picked up a few things that might work for my Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation:

Ulysses Blue

A bit of sparkly blue to use in  combination with another yarn to create a great look for the Ulysses Butterflies.

Tokyo Spinning Party Yarn Big texture that might work for the rainforest floor along with this most grass-like yarn. Grass Yarn

Looking forward to attending next year!

A Piece at the Kana Art Festival Exhibition

I just sent one of my wire crocheted flowers to be shown at the Kana Art Festival & Exhibition this weekend in Gunma, Japan. This is a free event open to anyone interested in escaping the crowded city for a beautiful weekend in a lovely mountain town. Some of my fellow artists will also have work at the Festival Exhibition such as Lori Ono.

Wire Crochet Flower  Shiro Oni Studio is hosting the Kana Art Festival & Exhibition with details and directions on their website:

Date: September 27-28 – 2014

Time: 10am- 8pm

Place: Onishi 108-2

We’re holding an art festival on September 27 (sat) and 28 (sun) in celebration of Chiaki Horikoshi’s recent lifetime achievement award from the King of Spain for his cultural contributions between Spain and Japan. The Spanish ambassador to Japan will present the medal to Mr. Horikoshi on the 28th at 4pm.
Experience a great combination of Spanish and Japanese Events:
  • Flamenco and cante X Onishi festival music
  • Spanish Piella X Tochanage stew
  • Spanish Wine X Local Japanese sake
  • Kjell Hahn’s tearoom X Chiaki Horikoshi’s tearoom
  • Artwork from area artists and Shiro Oni Studio artists from over 10 countries
  • and its all free.

A Booth at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014

My first book fair and, according to Zine’s Mate, it is the largest in Asia! My boothmates definitely agree that it’s huge, the amount of art books, zines, paper supplies, printers, and all the accessories seems to cover acres of booths.

TABF Booth

Tokyo Art Byte Critique’s Booth No. H-05 has been enjoying the amazing flood of creativity that has poured into the Gaien Campus. Here’s a look at the write-up for our group in the book fair catalog:

TABF Write-up

My favorite find so far is an adorable cat mamebon:

Neko Mamebon


Measuring a mere 4 cm this little book has a fat felted tail and a full story complete with illustrations. Created by a student at the Nagoya University of Arts for a Media Communication Design class. You’ll find them at Booth No. D-04 but at only 500 yen each they will go quickly!!

Across from our booth is the enthusiastic Knuckles & Notch from Singapore, sharing a table with another art book designer all the way from NYC:


Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014: Interview with Dai Oinuma

Fellow Art Byte Critique Group artist Dai Oinuma interview regarding the books he has made for the Tokyo Art Book Fair, Sept 19 – 21.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons…

Today is all about the buttons! Putting those finishing touches on my Travel Journals for the Tokyo Art Book Fair this weekend.

For every 5 buttons I sew, there is a small Pumpkin Kit Kat reward!

Buttons Travel Journals

Button, button, button, button, button, pumpkin kit kat, button, button, button…

Tokyo Artbook Fair: Interview with Marie Wintzer

A look at my fellow Art Byte Critique member, Marie Wintzer’s, art book work which you can see in person at the Tokyo Art Book Fair, Sept 19 – 21.

Tokyo Artbook Fair 2014: Interview with Lyle Nisenholz

Fellow Art Byte Critique artist, Lyle, will also have his work at Tokyo Art Book Fair, Sept 19 – 21.