Thinking About Layers

Another Tokyo-based artist, Arthur J Huang, on his current Interstices project. Stay cool out there!

Arthur J Huang

Today, I went to Kojimachi despite the 31˚C heat and humidity to take some more Kojimachi Interstices photographs.  I had planned to take photographs of 24 blocks in the Kojimachi area.  After taking photographs of 18 blocks and having the heat get the better of me, I stopped for some iced tea and realized that 2 hours had passed.  I have over 160 new photographs to work on tonight and tomorrow.  I will have to do a better job of pacing myself tomorrow when I go back to take photographs of the remaining 6 blocks and maybe more.

Before I left for Kojimachi, I was cleaning up my studio and came across several packs of clear film which reminded me of an idea I had when I was working on the Interstices series last year.  I thought it might be interesting to print individual Interstices photographs on clear film and…

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