RESULTS! Japanese Ceramic Workshop pieces have been fired

Back in early April I took a Ceramics Workshop with John Dix where my novice hands created 2 little cups and a few buttons to be kiln fired during the Golden Week holiday here at Shiro Oni Studio in Gunma, Japan.

IMG_0029 Picked up my pieces yesterday and I’m super happy with the results!

IMG_0027 IMG_0028 One of my cups came out absolutely perfect, the glazing is a natural result of the type of firing, not anything that I did to achieve it.

The buttons I made survived, they are not very big and I thought they may become lost amongst the larger pieces but they look wonderfully raw.

IMG_0030 There is very little glazing, only the smallest spot on each but that’s ok, they’ll still look great with a hand-spun crocheted item.

IMG_0032 My second cup with the adorable pinched ball feet is still whole but it became fused with other pieces so it is not usable and probably not salvageable.

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