Tokyo Int’l Quilt show at the “Thunderdome!”

The intensity at yesterday’s Tokyo Int’l Quilt Show made it’s location in the Tokyo Dome feel more like the Thunderdome! Teaming hoards of quilters descended on the show in a mad crush to see the latest efforts by both famous and student quilters alike.┬áThe crowds were so thick we were all elbow to elbow and simply walking down the aisle was like a bumper car ride at the county fair.


Vendor booths were filled with fabrics and supplies in every shape and color a fiber artist could possibly need. Attendees crowded in and consumed the wares like locusts. I picked up a few lovely ocean colored and themed fabrics for my Tako Life zakka projects and a locker hook for unique crochet work.

We were able to take photographs of most of the quilt work on display so I’ll let the photos show you how amazing these quilts are.

Special Thank You to my friend Lobin for a wonderful Tokyo Day Out =)

IMG_0166 IMG_0165 IMG_0163 IMG_0162 IMG_0161_2 IMG_0158_2 IMG_0154 IMG_0152 IMG_0148 IMG_0147 IMG_0145 IMG_0143

S-s-stuttering S-start to 2014

A New Year! A New Start! A great time until one needs to change those big plans. Mistakes and u-turns, ripping out progress in disappointment has been my theme so far this year.

I LOVE the summer sweater/shawl pattern from an issue of Keitodama 157 I purchased last summer. It has been at least six months of looking for the perfect yarn in the perfect color and a soft linen sample I found at Keito seemed to be the perfect fit. Until I got home and started crocheting. The lovely linen sample in the store is completely different than the thick twine-like linen from the spool I received. ┬áSure I could use it for a nice crocheted bag. Not a total waste but I can’t start the sweater until I find that exact linen in that exact shade of khaki lavender!


My local Okadaya shop sells the yummiest, softest little skeins of baby alpaca in the most beautiful colors. Already made a super warm scarf in the shades of purple skeins I had purchased and thought the same yarn would be wonderful to make a lovely lace scarf for shoulder seasons here. Now that I’ve crocheted almost a whole skein of it, I’m not really loving it. The photo in the Keitodama issue (yes, the same issue as the aforementioned sweater) is so well done. My effort just looks like a fuzzy pink spiderweb. I really don’t like spiders.


I just recently received my latest shipment from Solar Flair Fibre’s Rainforest to the Reef yarn club. The Under the Sea colorway is a gorgeous blue with great pops of color from a mix of merino, cashmere and nylon. Immediately caked it up and found a great rectangular shawl pattern and started on it right away. At approx 30″ wide, I don’t have enough yarn to create it in the length mentioned in the pattern! So having done at least 6″ of the length already I need to rip it all out, start over in a smaller width. ouch. I really like the Beachcomber Shawl Pattern I chose so I still have that.


One good bit of news is that in my search for the perfect pattern for the Under the Sea colorway, I was able to find the perfect pattern for last month’s club shipment.

January = Lots of work completed, Lots of work ripped out. Hopefully my yarn/pattern choices will improve quickly!