Day 5 – Back in Tokyo

Arthur J Huang is a fellow artist here in Tokyo and definitely one to watch. He is not just a strong artist he is also very supportive towards other artists in the community. Looking forward to seeing the final project from the musings in this NaBloPoMo post!

Arthur J Huang

After a long day of waiting for buses and planes, I made it back to Tokyo.  Having not slept very well, I did not make it to the gym or go out for a run tonight.  On the other hand, I have implemented a no food policy after 9 pm.  My brain was jumping all over the place today from making lists of things to do, thoughts about the purpose of art, making better travel arrangements in terms of timing, amongst other things.

I would like to get back to thinking about my studio practice.  I would like to use a recent article from Hyperallergic as a jumping off point.  Patrick Neal wrote Abstracting Daily Experience with regards to the work of Richard Garrison.  He writes,

“Garrison employs charts and diagrams uncovering the abstract possibilities that lie dormant in the stuff of everyday life. Residing in suburban upstate NY, his…

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