The Happy Accident: Following through on a Butterfly Mistake


As I sit and enjoy my meditative crocheting moments I often forget to count and all too often this leads to detrimental mistakes in my work which then needs to be ripped back and redone. Sometimes I just go with the flow and don’t worry if my cute little cherry blossom suddenly has 6 petals. Or if my beret has the correct pattern repeats.

IMG_0001 Such was the day I was experimenting with butterfly patterns. Starting with a simple folded butterfly pattern which started with 8 wings that then needed to be folded for a cute, little 3D butterfly. Of course, my butterfly only came out with 7 wings which does not easily fold in half to provide the correct effect.

IMG_0036 So I sat there, too lazy to rip it back, wondering how to move forward. Using the odd wing out to create a body and then folding only 2 of the wing pieces down, I have now created a much more anatomically correct 3D butterfly, exactly as I was searching to design!

IMG_0037_2 These neon butterfly designs of varying sizes are going into my next art installation, Electric Butterflies: Demise and Disposal of the Electronic Personality. A technological reclamation art installation project combining metals and fibers. On Saturday I’ll be starting my first Artist Residency at Shiro Oni Studios in Gunma Prefecture, Japan! わくわくをします!!

Serendipity. Thank you!

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