Drawing Momiji at Yutenji Temple


Went to an impromptu drawing class with a friend on Sunday in the Yutenji area of Tokyo. I need all the practice I can get as I have great difficulties creating 2D artwork.


While it was a warm sunny day for December here, it was still cold! December, people!! We went as a group to Yutenji Temple and had two drawing sessions of about 25 minutes each with each followed by a critique. The group consisted of about 50% Internationals, 50% Japanese and while the other artists seemed very nice and a wide range of final drawings, I really, really didn’t like the facilitator.

His critiques reminded me of my professor in the first drawing class I ever took in college. Just plain rude. Thankfully I’m past worrying about what others think of my 2D work, but I did feel bad for younger attendees who might feel as bad as I did during that class I took in college.  Although, considering neither English nor Japanese are his first language I’ll cut him a break for now.

There was to be a third drawing session but as the sun was setting and we were already cold as popsicles my friend and I left in search of hot drinks.

This is as far I got on the first drawing session, inspired by the momiji in the temple, just needs a bit of color:


Maybe someday I’ll add in the beautiful burgundy…in the meantime, back to my regularly scheduled wire crochet design work.


Purple Fade: Weather Vessel Update 1


It’s been almost a month since I created the experiment, Weather Vessel, to watch the effects the outdoors would have on various colored wire crochet work.


I had high hopes the color would last for at least 6 months or so before there was   fading. Unfortunately, some changes are quite noticeable already! The Dark Purple colored aluminum has already faded to a lovely lavender. In another month I expect it to be completely silver.


The warm burgundy base rows of the vessel were once a bright magenta colored copper wire. The areas the original magenta color chipped off and are now bare copper did patina a dark brown as expected. Now I’m curious as to how long it will be before it turns green.


So far it looks like the other colors are holding up well. I’m watching that row of brown colored copper wire closely as it looks like it may be the next one to fade away.

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Calabao Construction

Rainforest Butterfly Flight Prep - Wire & Fiber Crocheted Art Installation

The Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants website has been extremely helpful for obtaining scientific accuracy in my creation of the crocheted Calabao. The Calabao is a preferred food plant for the larvae of the Green Spotted Triangle Butterfly.


Prototypes, mistakes, and final designs for the Calabao flower emerging from the ends.


Each flower is approximately 40 – 50mm when in full bloom.

Leaves and Flowers. Copyright CSIRO
 Photo from the Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants website.


Leaves grow to a length of 7 – 25 cm, width of 3.5 – 9cm with ruffled edges.

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Colorful Malaysia!


Just had a wonderful time in Malaysia over Thanksgiving and found a lot of inspiration. The sights are colorful, the food options are colorful, the sounds are colorful and even the smells are colorful!


Batu Caves

StudioDeanna_Malaysia7 StudioDeanna_Malaysia8

Studio Deanna - Wire Loom

Lots Done but Nothing Finished

Art, Rainforest Butterfly Flight Prep - Wire & Fiber Crocheted Art Installation

Interesting how hours and hours of progress can be made on several designs yet no finished product to show for it!


The stem design for the Walking Stick Palm,


Wire gauge testing Walking Stick Palm leaf designs: 26gge using a 4/0 hook, 26 gge using a 6/0 hook, 24gge using a 7/0 hook. Each change creates slightly different drape, a slightly different size for each leaf.


Recording each iteration,


After enough green, green, green rainforest designing for the week, I chose the Calabao flower next. The Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly larvae choose this small shrub and vine as a favorite in which to snack.


This lonely Round Loom has been rattling around with my skeins of yarn so I had the idea of creating more tree limbs with its shape. It seems to take quite forever to make much progress and more wire to create the same distance if it was crocheted. I’ll definitely finish this experiment to be sure when I take it off the loom but it’s not looking like a time or cost effective way for me to complete a rainforest tree.


This poor chrysalis has been steadfastly clinging to the bright south side of a neighbors fence for over 6 months. After baking in the sun and being shaken by typhoons the caterpillar inside must not have survived. I’ve rescued him as reference material for my installation project.


On Friday, my rainforest floor arrived! A big box with a couple yards of rug hooking material and several skeins of super fun, chunky and boucle yarns. So much done but so much more to go before the project is completed.

Still keeping track of the time via HoursTracker: I have put in over 200 hours of work into the project so far. Much of the Research & Development completed in this posting was placed under construction hours instead of R& D. The point is the hours have been recorded and continue to be tallied.

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Weather Vessel


Crochet work involves a lot of sitting, which leads to thinking, which inevitably leads to trouble. The deep shattering realization that there are no pink butterflies eventually brought me around to what will I do when I have finished the Butterfly Flight Prep installation piece?


This trouble had me creating this multicolored vessel as step one in my experiment to take my colored copper wire crochet sculpture work outside.

A nice little piece measuring 9cm x 10cm x 8cm (2 1/2″ x 4″ x 3 1/4″)

Of course, the first question is how well will it hold up to the weather long term? Then comes, How fast will the colors fade in the sunlight? And How soon will the color coating start peeling?


Now is the perfect time to let this piece ferment in the sun & rain for a few months.

Each layer of color is it’s own experiment. Starting with the large 20 gauge fuscia colored copper wire. It is a destash piece from my earliest experiments and suffered a bit of chipped paint from the pliers I used.

The next row of light blue is a colored copper wire that has a thin layer of silver plating before the light blue color was added. Copper is too dark of a metal for manufacturers to provide light colors without some kind of treatment. In this case, silver so this row is likely to react a bit differently than the other rows of simply colored copper wire.


The row of Purple is colored aluminum wire so that may react differently than the other rows also.

The remaining rows are simply various colors and wire gauges to check for sun fading or other concerns I hadn’t thought of.


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Flight Testing Butterflies

Art, Rainforest Butterfly Flight Prep - Wire & Fiber Crocheted Art Installation

Everyday now I put in more and more time towards my Butterfly Flight Prep art installation project and today was no exception. Used more destash to continue my prototype design work and realized there are no real life pink butterflies!

Deep thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.


Each new design, along with the materials used, date and future recommendations is recorded in my Moleskine Sketchbook.


The grid pattern in Evernote’s Moleskine Sketchbook makes it super easy to record the charted crochet patterns.


Each butterfly is struggling through several iterations and a few wing clippings before I get it to the preferred look and size.


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